Hi I’m John.  I have been growing indoors for 10 years now.  What once was a hobby has now turned into a passion.  I’m just an average Joe.  I work 40 + hours a week and love to grow great weed and veggies.  It snows to much here for my taste and I hate weeding.  That is what got me into doing all my grows indoors.  I have never had a job in a green house.  I found all the info I know the hard way.  Bought or made all kinds of hydro stuff.  I have tried all the lights.  Some work and some suck.  There is a lot of info out there about growing indoors.  A lot of it isn’t very clear in regards to what works the best and why.


There are all kinds of things to consider before buying your grow lights or any equipment you use.

This is to help navigate all the information on the different lights & grow tents on the market.



I really want everyone to enjoy and grow big plants.  I think produce and herb should be in the hands of the people.  It is a fun and overall great way to spend your time.

Weather you are looking to put in plasma lights or nice cool t5 lights I will have you covered. Have questions about light placement in your stadium grow?  I have done it.  I can help.  I work hard to think about topics that will help the average person grow bigger plants.  I do run out of stuff to talk about from time to time.  So always feel to contact me with questions about grows or if you want a review on done on your grow equipment.  Myself and the site smokinlights are here to provide quality and value as often as possible.